Boxfit Program

The Boxfit program is about strength, confidence, consistency, and power. It is a one of a kind program for all levels: from people who have never lifted weights or boxed before to the more experienced weightlifters and boxers. It consists of a structured half hour weight training regimen coupled with a half hour of the intense cardio that boxing provides. Exercise regimens for the days with no class are provided to keep you moving towards your goals.

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We comprise each 4 week camp with a few essential weight lifting movements needed to enhance strength, athleticism, punching power, and coordination. Within the 4 weeks you will not only learn how to execute the essential lifts properly but also learn valuable warm ups, assistance lifts (to help with form and mobility), as well as the unilateral, ipsilateral, and contralateral versions of the movements to create a dynamic full body exercise. These types of full body dynamic exercises will help you develop more coordination, balance, and core activation in your exercise sessions and daily life as well.  Every 4 weeks we change the essential lifts and also make adjustments to rep schemes, the amount of sets, intensity, and exercise orders to keep you making progress in your strength, speed, coordination, lean muscle mass, and fat loss.

The essential lifts are paired with various other sport specific movements, core and conditioning exercises, and boxing drills to create a well-rounded workout program to meet all of your fitness needs. Our #1 goal is to enhance your athleticism so that you may conquer all of your body’s aspirations.

Class Days and Times:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7-8pm

No matter what your weight lifting experience or current conditioning level, we will get you in a training program that will enhance your athletic ability and allow you to train both smarter and harder.

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