In-Home Session

Boxing to you. In-Home Training
Training and Boxing Lessons to your Door…
Would you like to train privately without the distraction of others?
Don’t have time to go to the gym but still want to train?
Would it be more convenient to exercise in your own home?

Many people cannot find the time to exercise. Between children, work, household chores, and the countless other responsibilities of life it can be hard to clear out some time to take care of ourselves. To make matters worse, the travel time to and from the gym, the waiting for machines, it can all add up and tack on an extra 45 minutes to your hour workout. For some people the best and only option for fitness might be In-Home Training.

We will provide all the equipment needed for a great workout! All sessions come with weekly routines and drills for you to do on your own so you can stay on track and accomplish all your boxing and fitness goals.

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