Coach Crystal Rose

Great Boxing Lessons and Training in Napa

Crystal-Rose (CR) originally hired Greg as her personal trainer with the main goal of losing weight. Of course Greg pulled out the boxing mitts, as it is one of the most intense weight loss tools he knows.  Like most, she was a bit timid at first, but after 2 or 3 sessions it was the only type of training she wanted to do!

Before she knew it, her previous goal had taken a back seat to the way the training was making her feel.  She was becoming stronger, losing weight, feeling more comfortable in her body, and more confident in the way she could handle herself. She became obsessed with her training and not only wanted to train every day but decided to compete in the sport as well.

It was truly a life changing experience for her. She no longer wanted to lose weight. Actually, she began doing everything she can to keep the weight on so she can fight in the women’s heavyweight division. Boxing was becoming her life! The positivity, self confidence, and new found strength were so great that she wanted to open that door for others in her community. And with that, Good Fight Boxing Club was born.

CR is training every day to master her craft and get ready for competition. She’s already began sparring with other fighters and is doing everything she can to get ready for her boxing debut in early 2017. She is also currently working on her USA Boxing Coaching License and assists Greg during all classes.

“I never thought I would like boxing. Actually, two weeks before I tried it, I was making fun of people who like to hit each other. But the way it makes me feel is priceless!” – Coach CR