Boxing Classes

Boxing: The Sweet Science of Hitting Without Being Hit

Boxing classes are for…

– people looking to lose weight
– aspiring boxers
– exercisers looking for something new and exciting!

Boxing Lessons in NapaWhat to expect –

Warm Ups: 10-15 minutes of circuit training style of cardio drills, jump rope, agility ladder, dumbbell and bodyweight exercises, balance drills, and flexibility training.

Shadowboxing: Each week has a different focus of a certain defensive style paired with the offense it creates. We work on the basics of footwork, blocking, head movement (bobbing & weaving), punching form and combinations, angles, and then even more footwork. Coordinated feet, balance, and strong, enduring legs are essential to boxing and fitness.

Bag Work: Punching a bag is an art! We work with different types of bags and learn to control them with a fighter’s composure. We tie all the footwork, combinations, head movement, and angles together and put it in to practice. Punching bags are a tried and true full body workout that is sure to keep your body and mind sharp!

Boxing Classes in Napa ValleyFocus Mitts: In each class you’ll get some one on one time with a coach on the focus mitts. This is not only to help polish up your boxing skills but to also help push you to your physical limits.

Conditioning: We do punching bag speed drills, punch with dumbbells and bands, swing kettlebells and sledgehammers, push sleds, flip tires and almost anything we can think of to keep your heart rate up and calories burning!

Core: All throughout a boxing workout you’re definitely using your legs and midsection but at the end of each class we take some time to focus in on the core. We use different movements, patterns, and equipment to train the core as a whole, on all sides, in all the directions it moves. A strong durable core is crucial to your success as a boxer and exerciser.

Times and Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5:30-6:30pm


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